All-American Daylilies


September 30, 2015rcadminBlog

Stellas-Pink-Valentine_250x250September 15, 2015 — GRAIN VALLEY, MISSOURI – The growing family of All-American Daylilies announced its 2016 winner:

The 2016 All-American winner is a breeding break-thru from Black Eyed Stella, as it “broke out” of the yellow/gold color range. Appropriately named for its parent, Stella’s Pink Valentine (pp#9,205) has 3 3⁄4” blooms with the shape and form of its parent plant, but has clear pink petals with a rosy-red eye surrounding a green throat. Stella’s Pink Valentine (pp#9,205) is compact, with the 16”-21” scapes rising only 4-5” above the arching foliage.

The rich emerald- green foliage forms a nice tidy mound quickly due to rapid increase, which also provides more colorful blooms quickly. It blooms in early to mid-season and then repeat blooms. It is cold hardy to USDA zone 4 and heat tolerant to USDA zone 10. The compact stature makes Stella’s Pink Valentine a good candidate for using as a border plant, in mass plantings, or in patio containers. The rapid increase produces more bloom scapes that provide more summer color quickly in your garden.
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“Winning” Daylily Program Announces Lemony-Fresh 2013 Winner

September 23, 2013rcadminBlog

(NAPS)—It’s time to think about adding refreshing color and zest to your garden. Lemonn Vista, the 2013 All-American Daylily winner, is both America’s favorite garden color and is an excellent repeat bloomer, provid- ing a long-term color display.

Lemonn Vista joins the now 20 award-winning daylilies that have been selected for the coveted All- American title for their scientifi- cally proven and superior per- formance nationwide by the All-American Daylily Selection Council (AADSC). Read more →

One Of A Kind – Daylily Program Celebrates 25 Years

June 23, 2012rcadminBlog

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Lovely and Low Maintenance

July 1, 2011rcadminBlog

(NAPS)—Several gardening trends are expected to flourish this summer.

Experts predict that small- space gardening, container verti- cal gardening and gardens with low-maintenance flowers will thrive. One low-maintenance but All-American award-winning star suited to any size garden is the lovely daylily.
There are so many to choose from. More than 60,000 daylilies are registered and bred in at least 25 states by hundreds of individ- ual hybridizers. Many of the best daylilies compete for the title of All-American Daylily awarded by the All-American Daylily Selection Council (AADSC).

AADSC began its test program in 1985 and awarded its first All- American title in 1994 to Black Eyed Stella, known for its land- scape performance as a nearly continuous bloomer. Read more →

Exquisite And Hardy, Daylily Is A Proven Superstar

February 24, 2011rcadminBlog

(NAPS)—If daylilies have taken over your garden, you have lots of company. Once a part of the Lily family, they are now a genus of their own and popular with home gardeners across the nation. Exquisite and easy to grow, daylilies are most vivid and crisp looking in the morning.

This year’s winner of the cov- eted All-American title is the Lavender Vista, which pairs pro- fuse, clear lavender blooms with lush evergreen foliage. This com- bination creates harmony with pink, lavender and purple com- panion plants. Most lavender daylilies require a trade-off between bloom beauty, foliage quality and performance. This variety encompasses all of these things. The blooms are 5-6” across with a green throat and rest upon 20-24” scapes. The vigorous, arch- ing foliage is 16-22” tall and the masses of blooms are held just above these uniform mounds. Read more →

Showstopping Performer is a Winner in Landscape

January 7, 2010rcadminBlog

(NAPS)—The “golden rule” for America’s favorite perennial has always been that gold (or yellow) daylilies bloom longer than laven- der, pink, purple or red daylilies. Meanwhile, “trophy” or “exhibition” type daylilies, with dramatic mark- ings and petal edges, bloom less than “landscape” types that have smaller, less dramatic blooms.

Yet the newest winner of the All-American Daylily Selection Council (AADSC) award breaks this rule: a stunning “exhibition” type daylily that blooms longer than most of the yellow varieties. Read more →

A Perennial Daylily Wins A Dream Designation

January 6, 2010rcadminBlog

(NAPS)—Daylilies are a perennial treasured by America’s gardeners. These sunny flowers supply bright drifts of color throughout the warmer months, and every year brings beautiful new varieties.
One of the newest additions to the growing family of winning All- American Daylilies is the Dream Souffle, which placed first in the Exhibition category.

It is the 17th winner and the first double-bloom daylily to win this award. Lilies don’t win the award just for being pretty. They also have to demonstrate superior performance in dozens of criteria across at least five USDA hardi- ness zones. Read more →

Daylily Solutions

November 29, 2007rcadminBlog

Gardening Problems?

We garden in order to surround our homes with beauty. Unfortunately, most of us let difficult site conditions prevent us from achieving the full potential of our gardens. Let’s look at some of the biggest gardening problems and see how a rugged, versatile perennial can help you extend the beauty of your garden. Read more →

Designing with Daylilies

November 28, 2007rcadminBlog

A Few Helpful Hints
Daylilies are America’s favorite perennial for good reason. They are easy to grow, flower in every color but blue, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can grow well in all 50 states. With the abundance of options comes the potential for confusion. Keeping a few key points in mind will ensure that your landscape will benefit from all that daylilies have to offer. Read more →

Daylily Data Chart

November 27, 2007rcadminBlog

All-American Daylilies are the only daylilies that have been scientifically tested across America. Not all daylilies are created equal as you can see from the chart below. Eliminate the risk of disappointment by following the guidelines prepared by the All-American Daylily Selection Council. See below or visit