All-American Daylilies

Frankly Scarlet (2003)

  • 4″ Diameter Sunfast Scarlet Red Blooms on Slender 18″-30″ Tall Stalks
  • 14″-27″ Tall Dense, Dark Green Deciduous Foliage
  • Blooms 30-185 Days Per Year
  • Heat and Drought Tolerant; Good for Erosion Control; Salt Tolerant
  • Excellent Rust Resistance
  • Winner in the Landscape Category
  • Recommended for USDA Zones 4-11

A 2003 winner in the Landscape Category. While most red daylily blooms lose their luster as the sun beats down on them, these scarlet blooms shine in the heat. Muted in the morning, the velvety blooms build color intensity throughout the afternoon and are still vibrant in the evening. The dense, tall foliage makes an excellent landscape statement and remains a lush dark green throughout the summer. Rebloom adds value to this brilliant gem. Zones 9-10 can expect blooms well past Thanksgiving.